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The Elements of Business Festival is proudly sponsored by MyDux – the all in one platform that can help transform your business online.

MyDux has over 25 different tools and systems that every online business needs; Drag and drop website builder, Blog content and management, Funnel builder, Online membership builder, Host and sell online courses, Payment checkouts, Email marketing campaign builder, Online calendar bookings, Appointment scheduler, Customer conversation manager, Survey and quiz builder, online store, and SO MUCH MORE!


Work with Tracey 1:1 in her Sacred ceremony program. With a newly discovered self-respect, you will make more empowered choices and be more intentional with your life and how you choose to live it.

Work with Tracey for a 1:1. Every session is as unique as the person it is for. Sometimes the spoken word is what is needed, a space for you to feel safe enough to voice whatever is coming up for you in this moment of your life.

Come walk with Tracey for 12 weeks. She’ll be your guardian, your guide and escort you across the bridge to retrieve your power. To help you rediscover all that you are and what you are here to do. You will be safe. You will be loved. You will be challenged. You will confront your pain. You will see the beauty and the magic within your mess.

Quintessence is a 12-month journey with spiritual intuitive mentor, Tracey McMahon.

Embrace an empowered existence where you no longer await the next retreat or healing session to forge a deep connection, but seamlessly navigate life in the radiant energy of your heart. Applications are now open.



As spiritual businesswomen, we can all relate to how hard it is to explain exactly what we do to the world. With my simple spellbinding sales copy framework, you will gain unwavering confidence in articulating and promoting your offerings in a way even the Muggles will understand.


Whether you are a coach, healer, or mystic; you are someone seeking to make a meaningful impact with your magic.

This masterclass is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to ignite action in your online community so they make soul-fuelled decisions to work with you.

Confidence is an essential tool for achieving success in both your personal and professional life.

Cultivating a strong sense of self-assurance not only boosts your own self-esteem but also inspires trust and respect in those around you.

Through this masterclass, you will learn practical techniques to enhance your confidence, including mindset shifts, body language, and communication skills. The session will guide you in applying your newfound confidence to your business and personal life, without feeling forced or inauthentic.

Learn how to create the business your soul calls for. Be guided and supported as we go deep into the foundations of who you are, the legacy you want to create, and how we can get that message in front of millions.

Get ready for action, accountability, and ascension.





Join me in a sacred space where spirituality meets strategy, and where intention paves the path to prosperity. Discover the keys to unlocking abundance, aligning with your soul’s mission, and stepping confidently into your role as a thriving businesswoman.


7 Power Rituals with Interactive Guide.
Lisa gives step by step details and insights to her Morning Success Rituals she has practiced for 20 years and attributes it to her success. 
・Adapt to any lifestyle
・Feel Energised & Inspired
・Reprogram and upgrade mind body & soul for optimum growth & expansion

5 Powerful MP3 audio trainings Lisa has taken this wisdom from her best mentors over her 20 year high level personal development & leadership training.
・Learn to cultivate courage, confidence to stand up and stand out in business.
・Learn how to release common fears holding you back
・Learn the psychology, energetics & mind science to building confidence 
Impacting Self assessments & questionnaires.
Convenient MP3 to listen anywhere anytime,

This Mindfulness mini course is a short, powerful and practical life and business enhancement tool, and Nervous System Regulation Program. Multiple benefits in stress reduction, productivity, creativity, joyfulness, improved sleep and so much more.
BONUS Introduction call with Lisa to personalise the program for you
BONUS 5 min stress reduction yoga stretch 
6 Mindfulness categories with accompanying short meditation for integration. 
Simple fun 14-Day Personal Mindfulness Challenge to interact with.

This an intimate 1:1 private coaching program is designed for women who are trying to break through those invisible barriers in their business, but you are still standing in the same place a year or two later. It’s not your fault!!
This program is all about Energy & Magnetic Attraction.
Imaging in 8 short weeks, you learn how to break barriers and release common patterns like:
Fear of judgment for not being good enough
Confusion overwhelms and shame
 money worries and guilt around charging your worth
 distraction and procrastination 
Learn energy clearing and flow within the 8 weeks you build momentum, a renewed clarity & focus, more confidence, have FUN in your beautiful Femme Business, and most of all you start to get visible & make more sales.

Michelle whitehead

Initial Consultation – a free 30 minute chat where you can ask me anything.

Contracts that Care – DIY Legal Documents

The Serenity Connective – Joyful Adulting for Brilliant Business Owners – Best Practice Membership.

Castle Quest – Risk Management made Magical.

Cassandra Duffill

Create & Elevate: When you’re ready to create what you deserve in your soulful business, I will support you in my premium 1:1 mentoring experience, Create & Elevate. Get your business model right, scale with new revenue streams, and create the right marketing to attract an abundance of your dream clients! Secure your place with a deposit today, and start in 2024.

Content That Connects: Free Workbook. Get your message right, nail your niche and start attracting the clients you’ll love to work with! Plus this free guide includes my top 3 message blueprints, making message creation super simple! Stop staring at a blank screen and start making connections with your dream clients.

2024 Marketing Bundle: Make marketing super easy with the 2024 Marketing Bundle! Instantly download all you need to create a marketing plan that gets results! Includes a Content Calendar, Ideas Bank, 100 Content Prompts AND a Nail Your Niche workbook, all for only $27 for a limited time.

KickStart & Accelerate: When you need clarity and direction to move forward with confidence, without the need for longer term support, short term 1:1 mentoring is your solution! Choose from 6 or 12 weeks and let’s start getting results in your business! Secure your spot now and start in Jan 2024. 

Marketing Mastery: You started your business to help people – marketing and running your business was never part of your equation! It’s time to move from “hope and pray” marketing to intentional action that gets results. A life training program with 1:1 help and support. Find out more and join the waitlist for the March 2024 cohort. 

Melissa Webber

Sheree Bliss Tilsey

Integrative Shamanic healing, somatic & soul guidance:
Healing on a soul-deep, ancestral and somatic level, addresses and alchemises the interconnected root causes of disruption, emotional blockages, disconnection and pain. Return to wholeness, reclaim power, purpose, aliveness and self-love.

In-depth holistic womb & soul healing sessions:
Alchemise core and ancestral wounds, release old emotions, pain, patterns & energy that no longer serves from your sacred womb centre (even if the physical womb has been removed). Awaken your wild feminine wisdom, inner knowing, sensuality, aliveness, pleasure & creativity.


Bianca Mayers is an internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Creator of SoulNar Sound Healing Energy Therapy.
With an international client base, Bianca has over 20 years experience of providing insight and healing using her gifts to help individuals, businesses and large corporations to tap into their unlimited potential and new opportunities.
Bianca’s services include – Business Intuitive Readings, Psychic Medium Readings, Akashic Records Soul Purpose Readings and more. To connect with Bianca or book your session click on the link below.

Lynn Hord

A free 90-min training where you’ll learn key copywriting principles that will move your offers from ‘maybe’ to ‘must have’ so more dream clients say yes to working with you.

Step more powerfully into your message by owning your genius, being bolder with your words and feeling deep conviction for the impact of your work. Over 3 or 6 months we realign your message to reveal the next level of you and your work.

A membership for soul-led, sensitive women in business who want to master their message and amplify their marketing so they can make a bigger impact and more money through their soul work.

Discover a step-by-step process to create your signature method so you can elevate your work, be seen as an expert and build trust in your offers.

A short course that delivers the antidote to content confusion and helps you be strategic and stay consistent so you can generate more leads and sales in your business.

Miyuki lotz

Gillian Maddigan

7 self-paced modules on building Psychosomatic Resilience
What you’ll get:

Define who you are
Recognise your assets
Take responsibility for your lack, liabilities and faults.
Create circles of people that stimulate your joy and pleasure yet help you test your comfort zone to help you grow
Set your boundaries and follow through
Learn how to pick yourself up and stand tall during your healing
Understand when you can help yourself and when to ask others for help
These modules are online and designed in a self-paced fashion. You will have access to a private circle within the PEAT community to share your learnings with other students.

Gillian will do occasional lives and meetups to answer any questions and provide support.

Inga Dennett

“Remembrance” Is a culmination of the past 22 years of my working in the human services sector, in the areas of youth, child safety supervision, disability, employment services, suicide intervention, journeying through my own work-related breakdown, study in the areas of counselling, youth work, meditation and ancestral/inherited trauma. So, this offering feels particularly potent and deep for those I get to journey it with, on and through their own life to date.

It is a 6 month, 1:1 1 x weekly, online 1.5hr connection.

Are you stuck? Lacking direction, clashing in your relationships? Have you ever given time to looking at what your values are? Our values pretty much can drive us (unconsciously) if not given time to, by bringing into awareness. You may have a great life on the outside but within it doesn’t feel so great. Perhaps your values and life are you out of alignment?

At the end of the 10 weeks you will have more awareness of self, what drives you, what’s blocking you, how you can move through this and choose differently to create your life as you wish.

You may feel called to this session to gain insight and awareness for that which you can’t seem to gain from yourself at this point in time. I connect in with those who have passed, along with your guides (with your permission) so that anything they wish you to know that may assist you moving forward in your life can come through.

You may feel called to these sessions if you are seeking someone to help unpack current life going ons in ways that you need support in and don’t currently have access to. These sessions can also integrate ancestral healing awareness, healing and reconnecting with self. And each session may have a guided meditation within it to promote connection with self and inner safety. These sessions are designed to equip you with tools that you can then implement into your daily life – moving forward without the need for continued counselling sessions. My goal is to work with you, depending on your situation, for the most – 8 weeks and then for you to no longer need my assistance – because you will feel more empowered, through yourself to help yourself.

You may feel called to this series if you are seeking a deeper understanding of self, would like to cultivate more inner peace, more self- awareness and learn how your nervous system currently feels and how you may wish it to feel/for you to live.

Wendy Chamberlain

How do you set yourself up to buy your dream home or build yourself an investment property portfolio? With the 7 Key Fundamentals to Getting Started in Property.

Get Started in Property is a breakthrough real estate coaching and mentoring program designed for the unique needs of WOMEN.

I have actively bought and sold real estate, for both my clients and my family, for close to three decades. In this program, I’ve bundled up all that knowledge, skill and experience, all my expertise gained in the real estate arena, to show you the path to take and the traps to avoid when getting started in property.

I started Get Started in Property to show women of ALL ages and backgrounds just what is possible. And that it IS possible!

So, how would you like to start – buying your home or investing in property?

Samantha D’Angelo

Training Workshops: Introducing our exclusive group training workshops tailored for workplaces aiming to equip teams with essential skills and knowledge, enabling seamless collaboration, goal achievement, and enhanced productivity. Our workshops are flexible, and can be tailored to cater specifically to your organisation’s unique challenges and requirements.

Newsletter Signup: Subscribe to our leadership newsletter for exclusive insights, actionable strategies, and expert advice delivered directly to your inbox. Stay ahead with the latest trends, thought-provoking content, and valuable resources curated to enhance your leadership skills and drive professional growth.

The Adaptable Mind Workshop: Join our ‘Adaptable Mind’ workshop, a transformative ½ day digital session focused on enhancing your Adaptability Quotient (AQ) for both personal and professional triumph. Through interactive sessions and hands-on exercises, this workshop equips participants with the mindset and tools crucial to thriving in today’s fast-paced landscape. Elevate your adaptability skills, become a valuable asset in dynamic environments, and embrace change confidently for ongoing success.

Ambitious Coaching Program: Eager to conquer leadership barriers? Join our one-on-one development program guided by our accredited and experienced coaches. Crafted to suit your unique needs, the Ambitious Development Program delves into your real challenges, furnishing prompt strategies for impactful leadership, plus much much more!

Proactive Coaching Program: Facing leadership challenges? Get leverage from a personalised one-on-one coaching program! Tailored to your specific needs, this bespoke half day program dives deep into real-life hurdles, crafting immediate strategies for impactful leadership. Gain solutions to your challenges and implement actionable strategies for effective leadership right away.

Angela Johnson

sammy pitt-paraha

Karen Galway

The Expansion + Evolution Workbook is not your typical journal. It’s designed to take you on a profound exploration of your inner self, guiding you to delve into the depths of your being and uncover the layers of wisdom and insight that lie within.

A Masterclass for Career-Driven Women like you who are calling in a soul-aligned shift.


• Attain a profound understanding of the driving forces behind your career choices.

• Learn how to make informed and purposeful decisions in your professional journey.

• Be given the insights needed to confidently navigate towards a new and fulfilling career path.

• Uncover the underlying factors that might be impeding your progress in pursuing a new direction.

• Become empowered to overcome any obstacles with purpose and determination.

• Identify the elements within your unique energy profile that can propel your transition towards a more fulfilling career path.

• Liberate your subconscious mind from any lingering doubts or self-limiting beliefs.

This transformative experience will guide you to crystallize your visionary aspirations, harmonize them with your unique energetic blueprint, and cultivate an unyielding mindset to fearlessly pursue and conquer your dreams