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Tracey's Bio

Tracey McMahon is a wise teacher, mentor and healer helping people move toward the vision they have for themselves and their highest experience of life.

Reminding people of who they are and guiding them to see their pure potential, Tracey is highly creative through emotional energy, working with her gift of intuition along with Reiki, Essential Oils & her deep connection with Spirit, Source & Self.

Highly empathic to emotions, she receives the feelings of others and mirrors them back to them as beauty.

Tracey’s methods are authentic and raw, she embodies her truth and her grounded presence creates a safe space for others to feel seen, heard and healed.


Stacey's Bio

Stacey is an intuitive sales coach for soul-led entrepreneurs. After breaking out of corporate sales and marketing, Stacey is now on a passionate path to changing the way that impact-driven businesses build their brand online and have sales strategies that feel aligned.

Stacey has spoken on stages across Australia over the past decade, teaching her alternative methods of networking online, building an amplified personal brand, and creating sales and systems that honour sacred services.

She has built a highly successful digital marketing agency that focuses on her conscious marketing techniques, owns a Software company, and is now mentoring and educating globally to help the soul-led community amplify their impact, income, and purpose.


Mikalena's Bio

Mikalena is an expansion coach, evolutionary astrologer and business mentor with over 13 years of study and experience in personal transformation, the spiritual sciences, energy work and business. 

Her sacred work is a platform for women who have recognised their vision runs deeper and their calling is higher. Her mission is for leaders who are ready to evolve their business into a multidimensional empire that can impact the world in significant ways. 

Mikalena unites spirituality with business for women who want to become evolutionary entrepreneurs but aren’t willing to sacrifice their success doing it. She offers astrology training and experiences that will help you strengthen your transmissions, deepen your transformations, build a legacy and make money sacred.


Sheree's Bio

Sheree Bliss Tilsley is a Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner, Womb Healer, and trauma-informed somatic coach, devoted to walking beside soulful humans, as they remember and reclaim their aliveness, wholeness and innate power.

In service both on the Gold Coast, Australia and worldwide, Sheree’s approach to transformation is anchored in practical, grounded and embodied guidance, whilst woven together with the ineffable magick, wisdom and beauty of the shamanic realms.

Sheree’s expertise lies in facilitating profound transformations at the core level, working within the unseen realms to reorganise and dream-in new realities, whilst empowering others to navigate their earth-walk from a place of embodied wholeness, unapologetic authenticity, and rich aliveness.

Mirella Petrucci

Mirella's Bio

Mirella is a Wellness Coach, Vocalist, Certified SoulNar (Sound Healing + Hands on Energy Healing) Practitioner, holds a Sound Healing Academy Level 1: Foundation in Integral Sound Healing certificate and is also currently completing her training in the Yoga of Sound.

Mirella is also the host of the ‘WELL Worth It’ podcast. The ‘WELL Worth It’ podcast is a health and wellness podcast which empowers, inspires and teaches you how to play an active role in your health and wellness in order to reclaim your health.

Mirella is a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Sammy Pitt-Paraha

Sammy's Bio

I am a healer of souls and a guide to the divine.
With a deep understanding of self-discovery and spiritual transformation, I help people break free from the chains of their past and embrace their true potential. I connect with other realms, draw strength from Mother Gaia, and use my power to cleanse the human vessel of pain and suffering.
I am a visionary and a conduit for divine energy.
With confidence and kindness, I walk the path of my calling, knowing that my mission is to serve humanity and spread the healing power of nature. As a full-time intuitive healer and Reiki master, I use essential oils to enhance the healing properties of plants and create a natural way of healing.
Join me on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, and unleash your true essence and unconditional love. Together, we can create a community of like-minded warriors and healers who are ready to change the world.

Miyuki Lotz

Miyuki's Bio

Hello Beauitufl Soul! I am a professional actress and stunt woman. I work across film, television and theatre productions. As a performer, my skills, who I am as a person, and the relationships I build with people is what allows me to continue working consistently in what is known to be a fickle industry. I believe You Are Your Product. It is with this belief, I combine various principals and practices from Shaolin Monks to financial billionaires. I truly feel that abundance is a limitless well available to all of us, and each individual has the potential to be successful – we just need to know how to invest in ourselves.

Zaneta Ariati

Zaneta's Bio

Žaneta Ariati, well-being counsellor, soul mentor, female entrepreneur activator. I help my clients to live soulful life. A life, which is the expression of their soul. Where they belong and most importantly feel great in it.

With passion activating success gene in female businesses.

Angela Johnson

Angela's Bio

Angela is the transformative encourager. She celebrates the uniqueness that each person has and encourages them to follow their creative pursuits without feeling like they have to sacrifice their devotion to others that they really care about because they are also nurturers at heart. She works with those who question the status quo and make a difference by learning how to express who they really are, so they finally have a blueprint to follow that aligns with what lights them up so they can solidify their vision and be more confident to make decisions that suit them. When they do and once they shift into healthier emotional & psychological patterns, they gain focus & are able to blend their personal and professional life well, giving them more time in their day to do what they really love. Working with Angela involves getting to know the deepest parts of you and strategies that you can apply daily that support emotional well-being and change unhelpful thought patterns & habits. She then spends time crafting a new personal blueprint that clearly shows the steps you need to take that inspire you toward your goals while being true to yourself & trusting that. Not only does this create a more fulfilling quality of life, and a sense of self-permission to move forward within your power, but it also gives you the freedom to go after what you really want to spend your time & energy doing.

Inga Dennett

Inga's Bio

Inga’s magic is bringing to awareness the history, of who people have come through and with that awareness – bringing to light those which may not have been spoken of, had awareness made of it, until now and could very well be impacting those currently living in ways that take away from instead of adding to, their life experience.

Karen Galway

Karen's Bio

Karen’s desire to help people find their voice led her to a 20-year career as a speech therapist.

But after her journey back to self she chose to direct this gift towards helping women discover their authentic voice so they can be propelled towards their ultimate potential.

Karen is a Certified Human Design Reader and trained in Rapid Resolution Therapy.

Michelle Whitehead

Michelle's Bio

I am an Aussie poet and storyteller who bought into the lie that I had to live in my head to survive. I collected layers and layers of intellectual armour in the form of letters – so many letters – after my name. I became a researcher, an editor, a lawyer, a mediator, always desperate to be of service, always bewildered because skill never seemed to lead to success.

It is time to write a brand new ending as the author of my own adventure.  

I have reunited my head with my heart, and put love and joy in the driver’s seat. Law need not be based in fear and avoidance. The best brave boundaries are built on words that sing. I am the bridge between the old paradigm and the new. I am the channel of peace, the go-between, the translator… and I am choosing to ignore the whisper that tells me to stay beige, to doubt my power, to hide and be safe.  

Once I forgave myself for becoming a lawyer, I could focus on being the kind of lawyer you need me to be. Now I am here to support you as you bring your magical business to life and make your glorious dreams come true. 

Cassandra Duffill

Cassandra's Bio

Hello, I’m Cass! Ex-corporate marketing girl, turned natural health practitioner, now online marketing strategist, supporting people like you to create the business you dream of – and the income you deserve.

As a business & marketing strategist I was trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, like McDonalds, Vodafone, Sony Films & Melbourne Airport. As a practitioner, I ran a practice generating multi six-figures annually for a decade.  Now I support health & wellness entrepreneurs create their success with marketing & business strategy.

I’ve nailed the art of successful marketing with my signature framework that blends impactful strategy, content creation, holistic marketing plans, systems and processes. 

Marketing success is a formula, one that I can teach you step by step. Design the marketing, business & life you desire with me, and take simple steps daily to make it your reality.

Melissa Webber

Melissa's Bio

My magic is in connecting with powerful cosmic and energetic influences to bring through artwork which evolves unplanned and to its own design. Creating visual tapestries of energy. The artworks are portals and spiritual tools to journey with.

Samantha D’Angelo

Samantha's Bio

Samantha is a dynamic outcome focused individual, with a great depth of experience across people development and human resources. Her niche, at both a strategic and operational level, is performance coaching, people development, employee engagement, team building and change management.

She graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Business; majoring in Management. She also possesses a Certificate IV Training & Assessment, is a globally credentialled Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and is certified as an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Senior Habit Change Practitioner and Mental Health First Aider. Samantha has over 15 years of Corporate Human Resources experience on a global scale, spanning across many industries and ranging from startup organisations to large multinationals. Samantha guides individuals to peak performance in a fun and energetic way and coaches them to gain mastery over their thinking to achieve their desired outcomes. Samantha’s experience spans across the full gamut of Human Resources services.

Lynn Hord

Lynn's Bio

I’m Lynn Hord, Copy Queen and Intuitive Business Mentor. I help established women in business to embody their message and elevate their message to expert level so they can receive the recognition, respect and financial reward they deserve for the years they’ve spent honing their gifts and transformation.

I’ve been in business for 10 years, but the journey to arrive at where I am now, with all the expertise, experience and knowledge I can share, started loooong before that.

In fact, it all began when I was just 8 years old. See, I was a bright and sporty kid. I did well in class and on the sports ground. But growing up in Australia in the 80s was a bad time for talented kids. If you excelled, you became a target for bullies.

The bullying went on until I was 13, and at some point, I made an unconscious vow. That I would never hurt someone with my words in the way I had been harmed. I didn’t know it then, but as a highly-sensitive kid, every harsh word sent my way hurt real, real bad.

But at that age I had no idea how to fulfil that vow to not hurt with my words. So I just swallowed everything down. And continued that way for decades. Silencing my own voice for fear of harming others in the way that I was harmed.

Alongside this fear of using words verbally, was a deep love for the written word.

Gillian Maddigan

Gillian's Bio

Gillian Maddigan is a Communication Coach. Her ability to read and understand human beings is as unique as it is profound. 

Gillian learned Psychosomatic Therapy from her father, Hermann Müller, who founded the Psychosomatic Therapy College on the Gold Coast. After tragically losing her husband in a workplace accident, she found herself a single mother of a toddler. She moved to the Gold Coast to escape her memories, expand her world, and started to work with her father, who was developing Psychosomatic Therapy. Gillian worked as an editor of his books and manuals and became the Events Manager for all the festivals they attended around Australia.

The unforeseen twists and turns that life presented to Gillian brought her to her vocation, the art of understanding how the ‘whole’ body communicates.

When working with her clients, Gillian reads their faces and body language to offer feedback on how they are presenting to the rest of the world. She teaches her clients skills and coaches them from the sidelines while they apply them in the ‘Game of life’. She guides them on communicating effectively in all situations and interactions across their lives, from professional work and social settings to personal relationships.

She cultivated a deeper understanding of reading faces and body language when she attended Mind Body and Spirit festivals with her father from 1995. They participated at these festivals across Australia over nine years and could read up to 40 faces each per day. She believes she was enriched by attending these festivals as they laid the experience, speed, and accuracy foundations for everything she now has to offer her clients.

Wendy Chamberlain

Wendy's Bio

Wendy Chamberlain – Trusted Buyer’s Agent & Seller’s Advocate.

Having previously helped women get started in real estate and an avid real estate investor herself, Wendy Chamberlain has bought and sold many properties for her own portfolio over the past 25+ years using various investment strategies, making her move into Buyer & Vendor Advocacy a natural progression.

With a passion for all things real estate, Wendy loves that her role as a Buyer or Vendor Advocate gives her buyers an experienced voice they can trust when it comes to negotiating to purchase something as important as their new home. Her sellers appreciate that they have someone smoothing the waters when dealing with real estate selling agents.

Wendy considers it a privilege to be asked to help others realise such an important goal as home ownership and to be trusted with that honour.

Wendy finds immensely satisfying working with her buyer and selling clients alike.

A specialist at buying prior to auction across all suburbs of Melbourne, Wendy particularly loves working with her first home buyer clients and is adept at negotiating to secure a property off the market, before a property even hits the open market.

Wendy is thrilled to release her Get Started In Property program, encapsulating her wealth of knowledge gained over close to three decades. Now everyone, irrespective of location, can understand how to get started in property.

Bianca Mayers

Bianca's Bio

SoulSpeak Frequencies was dreamed into existence by internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Sound Healing Energy Therapist – Bianca Mayers.

Bianca descends from a long line of Healers and Intuitives. Since childhood she has been able to connect and experience the unseen. Bianca believes her biggest gift is the ability to help others to transform their lives by providing insight and healing, allowing them to continue their journey on this planet with direction and purpose by releasing any trauma that has been collected along the way.

Bianca’s clientele ranges from individuals to businesses including alternative energy companies, clothing brands and festivals located across the globe.

Bianca has vast experience presenting talks and workshops at festivals and conferences on a variety of topics including healing and connecting to your intuition as well as giving platform psychic medium readings and live Sound Healing Journeys.

Bianca’s services include: Psychic Medium Readings, Sound Healing Energy Therapy Sessions, Sound Journeys, Workshops, Retreats, House Clearings + Blessings, Intuitive Business Consultations, Healing and Psychic Medium Mentorship Programs and Meditation Classes.

Bianca is a Reiki Master and has formal qualifications in Sound Healing Therapy, Theta Healing, Meditation + Massage + Raw Food Chef + Nutritionist and has over 25 years experience working as a Professional Psychic Medium + Healing Therapist.

Bianca has combined all her knowledge to create SoulNar, the worlds first modality that combines Sound + Energy Healing.

Lisa Marree

Lisa's Bio

Hi! I’m Lisa. I feel I have lived many lives in one. My childhood beginnings were of neglect, physical & psychological horrors, yet there was an inner voice that said hang in there!
I have dedicated the last 30 years to the Medical & Wellness professions, Business & Leadership Coaching, whilst in pursuit of my own solutions.

As an adult, I have been on an incredible learning path, experiencing serious trauma, illness & disability, multiple surgeries, marital abuse & bankruptcy. All of this has been a blessing to lead me on the path of self mastery, high performance & an extraordinary life, to go on and build a multiple 6 figure business.

I am all about ENERGY, how to remove hidden blocks & make Quantum Leaps in Business.

I teach heart-centred, creative female entrepreneurs gain clarity, confidence, laser focus and trust their inner ‘knowing’ so they can bring their beautiful million dollar ideas to life and scale to their next level in business, doing what they love.


What is the Elements of Business Festival?

The Elements of Business Festival is an online event designed exclusively for spiritual business owners. It offers a unique platform for entrepreneurs to explore the intersection of spirituality and business, providing valuable insights, practical strategies, and networking opportunities.

How can I attend the festival?

To attend the festival, simply register on our website. Once registered, you'll receive access to the event platform where you can participate in sessions, and workshops.

What topics will be covered during the festival?

The festival will cover a wide range of topics, including holistic business strategies, mindset shifts, practical tools for success, networking, authentic branding, self-care practices, and more. Each session is carefully curated to provide valuable insights for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Is there a cost to attend the festival?

Tickets are $55 and include a festival t-shirt.

Can I access the festival content after the event dates?

Yes, all registered attendees will have access to the festival content for a specified period after the event concludes. This allows you to revisit sessions, download resources, and continue benefiting from the insights shared during the festival.